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Plateau Ecological Security and Biodiversity Conservation Ha
2020-12-31 11:26

Plateau Ecological Security and Biodiversity Conservation Harmony Forum




       On November 27, 2020, the "Plateau Ecological Security and Biodiversity Conservation Harmony Forum" hosted by the Hoh Xil Wildlife Conservation Association in Yushu Prefecture was a complete success!




        Focusing on the two important environmental propositions of "Plateau Ecological Security and Governance" and "Biodiversity Protection", the forum continued the association's environmental protection concept of "balance of mind and ecological safety", and sorted out the mentality of "discovery, acceptance, cognition, and continuity" And the ecological view system of "understanding, respecting, adapting and maintaining".


        Together they witnessed the association's ecological and environmental protection work and achievements. Explore the interactive relationship between mental health and ecological safety, promote the formation of the green development of the ecological cycle of the entire Sanjiang Basin, and conduct related exchanges, research and discussions.





        It is hoped that starting from the forum, the association's harmonious and balanced mentality and ecology can be shared. Let more people always be aware of, self-discipline, and jointly shape a healthy mentality and ecological atmosphere, and continue to participate in the maintenance of plateau ecological security, as well as the biodiversity of the entire planet and the ecological environment.


Pay attention to the state of mind• Protect the ecology

——Hoh Xil Wildlife Conservation Association


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